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Title:Rift - Death Rift
Description:Ever wanted to know why Rift is called Rift? Well, because of the Rifts of course ! This video shows a Death Rift from the Beta Events.
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Rift - Deepstrike Mines The Deepstrike Mines are one of the instances yo can visit in Rift. This video is still from the Alpha Period of the game. I'm releasing it now because it took me quite a while to get the OK for this from Trion Worlds. 1
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Rift - Sanctum Rift Raid There was a huge event in Sanctum where lots of Rifts appeared in the middle of the city and tried to take over the whole city. We, as the players, had to fight together and prevent this from happening. 4
Rift - Veras (World Boss) Veras is a world boss who may spawn in the Free Marches. He can put up a good fight and can deliver a lot of damage additional to having a lot of HP. It took the players almost ten minutes to finally bring him down. 1
Rift - King's Breach King's Breach is an instance in Trion Worlds MMORPG RIFT. 0
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Rift - Warfront - Whitefall Steppes The Whitefall Steppes are the third battleground available during beta. It's a capture the flag type warfront where you have to capture the enemies flag (Sourcestone) and bring it to your teams flag (Sourcestone). Pretty easy to understand but the difficutly is that this warfront is huge and you have to walk all the way from the enemies base to your base - and you cannot mount on your horse or whatever mount you have. So the risk of being killed on the way is very high. It happeneded to me almost in front of our base as you can see in the video. 92
Rift - The Darkening Deeps The Darkening Deeps are usually the second dungeon you will visit playing as a guardian. They're located in the northern part of Gloamwood, which is west of the Guadian starting area of Silverwood. This is dungeon is for players of level 24 or greater and features four bosses with the third one (Tegenar Deepfang) being by far the hardest one. 114
Rift - Guardian Endbosses In this video you can see the endbosses of Gloamwood and Silverwood and a lot of other game play. 89
Rift - Warfront - The Black Garden The Black Garden is the first Warfront you'll be able to visit in Rift. In this Warfront you have to hold on to an item called "The Fang of Refulos". The player carrying the fang gains points for his side. The first side to reach 500 points wins. But just holding it isn't enough as the Fang does damage to it's bearer. The longer you have it the more damage you get until you eventually die and someone else can grab the Fang. 54
Rift - Warfront - The Codex The Codex is the second Warfront you'll be able to visit in Rift. It's a capture and hold warfront where you have to capture specific locations and defend them against the enemy who is trying to capture them as well. The more locations you hold the more points your team get per tick. The first team to reach 1000 points wins. 47
Rift - Game Intro This video shows the whole game intro of Rift. 39
Rift - Named mobs and other stuff :) Just some random stuff I recorded from the Rift Betas. You can see a lot of random named mobs I encountered while playing Rift and and the ending movies of both the Guardian and the Defiant Tutorials are in this video as well. 122
Rift - Realm of the Fae In this video you can see all bosses in the Realm of the Fae instance. This is the first instance you visit as a Guardian and the boss encounters are tricky. The instance is split into four parts (one for each season - spring, summer, fall, winter) and each part has a boss encounter waiting at the end. 219
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Rift - Iron Tomb This video shows all bosses in the first instance you'll visit as a Defiant. It's called Iron Tomb and located near the Defiant capital Meridian. In this instance you have to fight against five bosses until you can finally clear it. These are Caor Ashstone (first boss), The Three Kings (Humbart the Bold, Derribac the Magus and Laric the Ascendant) and finally against Ragnoth the Despoiler. 739
Rift - High Elf Male Clerik Character Creation This video shows the whole character creation of a male High Elf Clerik. The High Elfs are part of the Guardians, followers of the Vigil. 269