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You clicked on this weird Ubiquity link and don't know what it is?
Well... let's just say that Ubiquity probably is the future of the Internet - at least in my opinion. Ubiquity is a Firefox Add-On you can download here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity
There is a video on the website which explains pretty much what Ubiquity can do. In short it is an addon which lets you add new commands to your Firefox webbroswer easily. For example you want to search something and you normally use Google. You type in Googles web adress, hit Enter and then type in what you are looking for.
And here is how you do it in Ubiquity: You hit CTRL+SPACE (standard). The Ubiquity window opens. You enter google (or just g) and then what your are looking for. Thats it. Ubiquity previews the results in it's own window and if you hit Enter it opens a new tab in your browser, goes to Google and you can see the results on Google's website.
This is just a simple example of what Ubiquity can do. Everybody who can write JavaScript can add new commands easily and share them with others. Of course you can use commands other people provided as well. Look on the web for websites like mine where you can find these commands.

My Ubiquity Commands:

Searches Amazon Germany
Searches Google Germany
Searches eBay.de for auctions matching the given words.
Translates a word with Leo English - German.
Searches the GamesCom Cologne website (http://gamescom.de) for articles.

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