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Basically, Tanks Can Be Divided Into Three Categories

Posted: 03 Sep 2011, 05:02
by MJsusan
Even in this occupation homogenization version, different tanks hav different skills. However, according to the skill effect, duration, Cheap wow gold and CD, we can divid them basically into three categories:Common skills: these skills CD is short and covers a long time. If it was used to cope with the outbreak of Boss, too much coverage will loose. Therefore, in a war, Card CD is opened to be used as part of the cycle of avoidance.
Reserved skills: they are used for reducing injury. These skills’ effcts often are outstanding. However, compared with CD, the duration is too short. So it is used to Buy Wow Gold and cope with the outbreak of Boss to reduce the treatment pressure.
rescue skills: they are used for the primary treatment / HP increased upper class and for a large gush blood planned or unplanned. Such skill quality directly determines tanks fault tolerance in the wasteland
Please pay attention that these three kinds of skills and WOW GOLD are not completely distinguished strictly. The warrior's shield block is a common skill. however, in H riding a dragon, it will be reserved skill. According to users' habits, the DK’s kinship will change between the reserved skills and rescue skills.