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Hunter’s Pet: The Whole Process Of Catching Spirit Beasts

Posted: 20 Sep 2011, 04:58
by MJsusan
After three weeks hard work, all of the Spirit Beast are cought. I really think I should write something for WOW GOLD. First, it is a kind of conlusion for my worlk. Second, I want to provide some help for those who want to catch or is cathcing beaset. Now, I will tell you my valuable experience.
I strongly recommmend not to kill Spirit beast. Also when you are catching the baby, I hope you are soft. If you are late, wait for the next one. Please do not shoot twice arrow. For me, I have the twice experience that when I was exercising baby, the hunter in a same camp killed the baby. Everyone know it is addicated to catch baby. Although you know one spirit beast is enough. you still can not help brushing. So you should pay attention to your Cheap Wow Gold and health. Because it is not worth that your work or health is neglected for baby.
It is my first Spirit Beast. So my memory is so deep. For it, I set my hearthstone next to brush point. When I was free, I went to hearthstone. Once when I was online, I found bear did not brush and transported project to storm. Then I found a hunter with 74 level, who was next to Arcturus, suddendly I was silent. I asked him if he just cought Arcturus. He told me he cought the baby five minutes agon. It was about 9 P.M So I decided to wait. According to the 6-9 hour regular pattern, I set my clock at 3 A.M. At that time, I got up punctually to wait. During that time, there were many hunters who went and came, who are from Horde and Alliance. In this period, I saw a hunter from Horde fall. Then he signed me. Then he hovered above me. At that time, I am really so worried, not for he killing me, but for killing baby. It was not brushed until 9 o’clock. I was doublt that a baby had been brushed at 2 A.M. Other hunters could not waite for such long time and went. Others may brush RIFT Platinum. At about 12 A.M, Arcturus was brushed and there was only me. lol Do you want to know how I catch other beasts? If you want, please pay attention our web.