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The New Game Invasion Scene, The Rift Of Ground.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011, 04:59
by MJsusan
So great the news is for every rift player. Recently, RIFT pubulished a new game invasion scene with Buy rift Platinum, which is called the rift of ground.
Someone do not know what the characteristic of rift compared with other online game. In fact, one of the biggest features is the invasion by rift, which is used to change every scene and make the game develop. Whenever invasion by rift happens, it will make a closed region which is the same with the rift invaded in Telara. Players need to finish the task in the closed region. The region formed by every rift and RIFT Platinum is just like a game copy.
And how about the rift of ground? When it happens, the sky will become gry. With the arrival of rift, so heavy sand will come in the sky. Suddenly, sand and stones are flying as in a storm. Then the whole region becomes badlands
With the rift coming, many so terrible huge stone monster and dangerous BOSS owning leather cloth made in stone arrive. Until now, although the invaded region has become badlands and so dangerous, there are still so many adventurers prefer to come here to chanellage themselves. Why do they come here? Lol, because there so many valuable and rare diamond. Now, except loess and hunge stone, many valuable and rare diamonds that have never appeared in telara come. In order to rob such diamonds and Cheap rift Platinum, adventurers decide to explode the mysterious badlands after the rift of ground at the cost of their lives