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[ NEWS 01.01.2014 21:09:33 New file added - Divinity: Original Sin Alpha - Gameplay ]
I just added a new file to my website!

Title: Divinity: Original Sin Alpha - Gameplay
This is my first gameplay-video from Larians upcoming game "Divinity: Original Sin". I gained access to the alpha of the game because I'm a Kickstarter Backer. This video shows roughly the first 30 minutes of the game including the character creation. You'll see that many things still have placeholders or are simply yet not implemented due to the game being in an early development state. I've decided to not do any commentary because there's many other D:OS videos out there doing that. Rather I wanted to have people listen to the ingame sound because none of the official videos I've seen had any ingame sound!

Link: http://www.digioso.org/DOS Gameplay

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