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[ NEWS 27.06.2012 19:03:16 New video added - The Secret World - PvP - El Dorado ]
I just added a new video to my website!

Title: The Secret World - PvP - El Dorado
El Dorado is the third playable PvP area in the beta of "The Secret World World", Funcoms upcoming MMORPG. The goal here is to find and hold the relics that are on this map. Holding them contributes points to your teams score. The team who reaches a certain amount of points (or has the most points when the time is over) wins. However there is another way to win: When your team conquered all relics and manages to keep them for two minutes your team will win as well. Although this didn't seem to be working yet in beta.

Link: http://www.digioso.org/TSW - El Dorado

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