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[ NEWS 02.08.2012 21:18:01 New video added - Guild Wars 2 - End of Last Beta Weekend - Hunger Royale ]
I just added a new video to my website!

Title: Guild Wars 2 - End of Last Beta Weekend - Hunger Royale
The end of beta for the last beta weekend of Guild Wars 2 was called "Hunger Royale". Well, and as the name suggests this has to with the best-selling book & movie "The Hunger Games". All players were split into teams. You constantly lose health (hunger) and need to find rations to get your health back. Since both your team and the enemy teams needed those rations we had to fight over them and the limited amount of munition. Until the first half of the event you respawened with your character when you died but after that you became a drone when you died. The drone could support your teams players by producing munition, establishing a shield and by scanning for stealthed enemies.

Link: http://www.digioso.org/GW2 Beta End

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