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New file added - Diablo IV - Kor Dragan Barracks Dungeon (Season of Blood)

27.10.2023 21:15:52

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Title: Diablo IV - Kor Dragan Barracks Dungeon (Season of Blood)
Kor Dragan Barracks is one of the dungeons/instances you can visit in Diablo IV. Once you enter a dungeon you're either alone or together with your other party members. So these are not part of the open world. In the dungeons I've seen so far you'll usually have to activate a couple of things to make the boss spawn or to open the doors leading to the boss or an event. Or you have to kill a couple of different things like Blood Boils. The interesting bit about the dungeons is that you of course get loot, but you'll also gain access to new 'Aspects'. Aspects can be imprinted onto equipment. However the aspects are sometimes for a specific class and sometimes usuable by all classes. In Kor Dragan Barracks you get the "Aspect of Anemia" for the Barbarian class, which boosts your damage against bleeding enemies. If you want to get aspects for your class you can check the available dungeons on the world map. There it tells you the class you'll get an aspect for after finishing the dungeon. One of the named enmies (Julek) in this dungeons drops a Bloodied Note, which starts the "Forgive Me" quest. In the Season of Blood you have to visit this dungeon for the "Beckoning Thirst" seasonal quest to slay the Ascended Blood Seeker Chaz'bak of Crane Tribe. Furthermore the barracks is now swarming with vampires instead of the usual enemies.

Link: https://www.digioso.com/d4_kor_dragan_barracks_sob